Base Pads

Taylor Freelance Base Pads!

These base pads are easy to install, machined from Delrin, and increase capacity. The +5/6 model will be Limited Division legal at 140mm, and the +8/10 model will be legal in Open Division at 170mm.

Perfect for our Open Division Kits!

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New Products For January - Base Pads

Taylor Freelance +8/10 Extended Base Pad and Spring
MAXIMUM FIREPOWER! The Taylor Freeleance +8/10 floorplate wa...
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Taylor Freelance +5/6 Extended Base Pad and Spring
Designed for USPSA's demanding "Limited Division" ...
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Jager Base Pads for 10 round STI/SV 2011
Jager Base Pads specifically for the 10 round STI/SV 2011 ...
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